The Office of Educational Affairs (formerly known as the Thai Government Students’ Office) in London is the European Regional Office of the Civil Service Commission in Bangkok, and comes under the Royal Thai Embassy. The Office is responsible for government scholarship students studying in the United Kingdom and Ireland and for privately funded students being educated in the United Kingdom.

The students are divided into three main divisions, namely Scholars, Government Officials on Leave and privately funded students – of which a detailed description is given in the ‘Work of the Office’ section.

Our Aim

Our aim is to help students obtain the best education and training offered in the United Kingdom, whilst at the same time maintaining their Thai culture and traditions in order for them to return home with suitable qualifications and experience. This will thus enable them to take their place in Thai society and play their part in developing the country.

Other activities

Our main responsibility is the education and welfare of our students, however in addition we -

  • Liaise with Thai and British institutions to promote joint programmes in higher education
  • Check on the standing and accreditation of educational establishments in the United Kingdom
  • Verify qualifications obtained by any Thai student who has been educated in the United Kingdom
  • Provide advice and information on education as well as International Institutions in Thailand
  • Translate educational papers in certain circumstances
  • Advise students on the accessing of reference books, the internet, and information on education in the United Kingdom
  • Liaise with Thai organizations in the United Kingdom such as the Anglo-Thai Society, the Samaggi Samagom, ThaiSocs at Universities etc
  • Facilitate seminars in the United Kingdom for Thai organizations connected to education

Centre for Thai IGCSE Cambridge International Examination

The Office of Educational Affairs is an official centre for this examination. Each year students apply through their schools to sit the IGCSE Thai examination in May at the Office in Prince’s Gate. The advantage of this is that students have the opportunity to add an extra subject to their GCSE score, potentially at a high grade – providing their standard of written Thai is good.

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